了建筑(了间建筑设计有限公司)由李大可和雷楠2019年于美国纽约成立,尝试用独立的思考和丰富的建筑手段来回应当下复杂多样的社会现实。合伙人李大可毕业于纽约哥伦比亚大学,曾实践于纽约Rafael Vinoly Architects。合伙人雷楠毕业于清华大学,并在纽约库珀联盟学院深造,曾实践于坂茂建筑事务所。


Atelier L is founded by Dake Li and Nan Lei in New York in 2019. It involves in various types of architecture pratice both in China and United States. It is attempted to respond to the complexity of current social reality through our independent thinking and innovative architectural solutions. Co-founder, Dake Li was graduated from Columbia University New York, and he used to work at Rafeal Vinoly Architects. Co-founder, Nan Lei was graduated from Tsinghua Universtiy Beijing and the Cooper Union in New York. He worked at Shigeru Ban Architects America before.

Currently the office is working on couples of different projects, including a headquarter of a listed company (completed), an industrial park(design development phase), and other various industrial park planning(early design phase). Meantime, there are several interior projects ongoing in parallel. These projects vary in different types and scales and the office involves deeply into all of the phases, from early programming to construction phase.